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Structural Roof Decking, Cladding Rails & Zed & Cee Purlins


Wide range of Zed and Cee Purlins, Cladding Rails and Eaves Beam Sections in a variety of gauges, with a full range of accessories.

Structural Roof Decking, Steel Decking, Top Deck etc, Curved Sheeting, Perforated and Non Drip.

There are also a number of Structural Tray Systems and/or Composite Support Solutions to provide flexibility in the design of your product.

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Raynes House, 3 Stokes St,
Manchester,M11 4QU.
T: 0330 100 2355
F: 0330 100 2356


About Us

Advanced Cladding & Insulation Group Ltd. is an Independent Specialist Distributor for Roofing & Cladding products and supplies materials across the whole of the UK. We provide our customer with a full range of structural roof decking and structural roofing products including; cladding rails, Zed and Cee steel purlins, curved sheeting, beam sections and more.